Cooley Cooley


Born and raised in San Diego, California, I am inspired by my surroundings that include not only a variety of different landscapes and terrain, but also a vast array of individuals that make California the unique place that it is. I enjoy finding and photographing the parts of our culture that are not always apparent on the surface. Searching for places and events that tell about history and culture are what sparks my passion for photography and storytelling. I like to take photographs and videos of current and popular cultures because so much can be revealed through these images. Equally, I enjoy industrial photography and documenting our culture as a whole through our relationship with the environment.

Academically and professionally, I received a B.A. in Arts and Technology at California State University San Marcos where I focused on several fields of art including photography, videography and graphic design. After working for many years as a product photographer for a large Surf Company, and assisting in creative photo shoots for large brand companies and their sponsored athletes, I am now prepared to take my creativity and technical experience to the next level.